Women’s Ministries

Women of the S. Burnaby church are supported through various ministries to know their Lord Jesus Christ better through in-depth study of His word, deepening relationships, worship, and service to others together with the body of Christ, the church.

They are encouraged to develop their God given abilities and gifts, ministering to others through the life and work of God's Holy Spirit in them, who enables them to fulfill their purpose and calling in Christ within the church, and in the world. Newcomers with or without a knowledge of God are most welcome to come and join us, to taste and see what God has in store for his beloved children who seek to know Him and follow Him.

There are numerous opportunities to find your place to belong, both in leadership or public roles, as well as quietly, behind the scenes.
All types of service are needed in order to strengthen and build up the body of Christ to be a strong and loving presence and light in the world.

S. Burnaby women can be found teaching our children, visiting senior shut ins, singing on worship teams, organizing retreats, designing special events, facilitating and hosting Bible studies, serving at NightShift Street Ministries, encouraging young moms through organizing play dates, praying, leading or planning worship, leading prayer or communion, working hard to build healthy marriages and families, raising strong children, helping them through school, organizing and decorating for special events, providing and organizing meals for the sick or new moms, making and giving blessing packs to the homeless, building schools in Mexico, teaching in Ukraine, reaching out to our neighbouring African communities, caring for foster children, serving in the kitchen, listening to the lonely . . . all for the glory of God, spreading the love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ to others.