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April 19, 2020 | Comfort Ye my People - 1 (download) / PDF Our new series: "Comfort Ye, My People!: How God leads His people through strange times" What if things were to change "a lot" after the pandemic? What if "the way we were" can never come back, and the "new normal" is scarily unfamiliar? God led His people through strange times before, and He will do it again. Let's get ahead of the curve and follow Him now.
May 3, 2020 | Comfort Ye My People - 2 (download) / PDF We're praying in faith for our new Passover, eating light, and you're telling us to plant gardens? have children & grandchildren? Pray for the peace of Babylon, and not Jerusalem?! Between "the way we were" and "the New Normal" lies "the strange times," when God shows us new things that we didn't already know, and when He shapes and forms us in ways we didn't expect. This Sunday in "Comfort Ye, My People" we explore how God helps us get free from our grieving the irretrievable past, getting grounded in the present, and leaning into His new thing for the future. It's strange, but very exciting.
May 10, 2020 | Comfort Ye My People - 3 (download) / PDF In our early-pandemic series "Comfort Ye, My People," God leads His hopeless people through "strange times" to "a new normal" that no one could have predicted - one that we experience this very day. Beautiful images of God's personal care for us are made even stronger a little closer to their original background. If it's true that very many things in our world are about to change, then this is the time to strengthen our connection to God; in the past He has been faithful to His people through times like these, so He will be faithful to us, too.
May 17, 2020 | Comfort Ye My People - 4 (download) / PDF The "new thing" God is doing in Isaiah is His new way of keeping His ancient promise to bless all nations: He makes His people His "chosen servant," empowered by the Spirit. Verses later used to talk about Jesus were first given as a commission to His people in their strange times, a new task and purpose that gives meaning and focus to our lives during our strange times now. It's not "revolt" to go back to the way we were, and it's not "giving up" and going along with the way things are now. It's the Third Way, the Way of the Servant that challenges our imagination and leads to new blessings for everyone.
May 24, 2020 | Comfort Ye My People - 4 (download) / PDF Like the moonscape barrenness of the land exposed to sun, air, water, seed for the first time in tens of thousands of years, as the Athabasca Glacier recedes - that's what God's exiled Servant people encountered as they lived among the peoples of Babylon. They were exhausted in the hollowness and culture shock of being a tiny, ignored minority swallowed in the mightiest superpower of the time. God "comforts" His Servant people by addressing their sense of meaninglessness and hopelessness with wonderful compassionate love, hope, a future, and most importantly, "meaning" for their everyday lives: to embody His love. We're here today because 2550 years ago some of God's Servant people were faithful to this call. God's promises came true far beyond anyone's wildest hopes!
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On the Way to the Manger

Jesus taught His followers to pray – as part of preparing them to serve in His mission every day. This class is designed to help us pray more,and pray better. We look at Scripture, discuss and work together, and pray together. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a newer Christian, well established, or not even sure that you believe yet.

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