Our vision

We've built our "big-picture" vision from the overall flow of the Good News in the Bible.
Everything about us starts with God, who He is, what His heart is all about:

God's purpose for us
is to know Him and be loved by Him,
and to show how good He is
by sharing His love with all kinds of people.

Jesus continues His ministry in us
as we follow Him and make disciples who
worship God,
nurture each other, and
spread the Good News of God's victory
over the power of sin, over our failure, and over death.

In Jesus Christ God is making a new world,
and everyone who wants to join Him is welcome.

The short form for all this is “Walking in God's love ... and giving it away.”

Generally speaking, what you see and hear among us will reflect these directions. The other articles on this site, and the audio teaching files, will give you a clearer idea of what all that means to us. And of course, getting acquainted with us personally is the best way to find out what we mean by what we say.

As you can see, our sense of vision for what God is doing leads us to learning how to rely on His Spirit to get things done. His heart and His power, living and working in us, is how Jesus' ministry to people continues.

As you'll see from our front page and our "What We Do" page, we're a very internationally-influenced church. God has blessed us to live in the super-modern "global village" - so we envision and work to serve Him as a global church.

Our entire Vancouver metro area is an extraordinary mix of people from all over the world. Even our own South Burnaby neighbourhood is a crossroads for a startling variety of people from Asia, Africa, North and South America, Europe. Our rainbow of neighbours follow many religious paths, from secularism to various Buddhisms to Islam to legacy Christianity, and on into other approaches to life. We believe that the Good News of God's victory over evil in Jesus Christ can speak to everyone who wants to hear, no matter where they're from. In fact, we witness it every Sunday morning.

Our South Burnaby neighbourhood is also a crossroads for all kinds of social backgrounds - from moderately affluent white-collar workers and executives to middle-class and working-class families, to Canadian-standard poverty. We're still learning about how Jesus wants to be fully present with all these people - but we are sure that He does.

We have some distance to go, when it comes to loving our neighbours like Jesus does - but through His Spirit we're following Him, and He's helping us work on it.