Our connections …

dove cross colour dark“What kind of church are you? What is your denominational affiliation?”

We are a non-denominational church – that is, we are “autonomous.” We associate with an informal, world-wide fellowship called Churches of Christ.  Churches of Christ are a grass-roots unity movement among Christians, with roots in a variety of traditions: early ecumenical revivalists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists. This fellowship has no headquarters, no formal organization, no formal creed or written statement of faith. We do things in this primitive style in order to follow Jesus Christ as the New Testament Christians did – to be simply Christians, nothing more or less.

In our regular church life we really prefer to emphasize simply following Christ, rather than focusing on the “distinctives” of our own fellowship.

Our members are also connected with the wider Christian community, and blessed in many ways – shared friendships, shared schools, shared activities, shared learning.

“Where do you get your teachings and practices?”

We study the Bible. We believe that in the Old Testament God has given us an accurate and relevant record of His plans, His personality, His dealings with people, etc. In the New Testament we learn more about God’s plans and His heart, and we find specific information we need to follow Jesus in our daily lives and to work as a church.  We have no other authoritative documents or persons.

Over the past 1900 years many well-intentioned people have worked very hard to study the Bible and to live faithfully in challenging times.  We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to those who came before us.  Along the way religious traditions have sometimes altered the shape of the ancient faith of following Jesus. Our aim is to learn from the good things others have learned through the ages, which are consistent with Biblical teaching.  However, we really want to avoid traditions that are out of step with what God shows us in the Bible.  Since we don’t “know it all,” either, we’re constantly studying in order to improve our grasp of what the Bible really says, and of what God wants to do with us.

To summarize:  God is our final authority. We believe that He has expressed Himself authoritatively in the Bible, and we strive to use responsible methods to understand His words and apply them to our lives.

“Many church fellowships have similar names! Are you the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?  the Iglesia ni Cristo?  the International Church of Christ (Boston Movement)?”

No.   All of these organizations are quite different from us, and none of them have organizational ties with us. The name “church of Christ” is our simple, deliberately “generic” way of saying that we want simply to be Christians, not to be followers of any human tradition or organization.  The heart of our church life is to follow Christ as the earliest Christians did.  We will always be learning and growing, but this is the direction where we believe God leads us. We believe that this is the best hope for unity among the broad array of believers in Jesus Christ all over the world.