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question markWe’re starting a new series in our Teen Class this coming Sunday, and it’s all about questions.

I believe Parker J. Palmer has said something to the effect that teaching isn’t about just giving answers, but helping students to ask the big questions –  and then live out those questions.

So that’s what we will be doing over the upcoming weeks. We’ll be asking questions and discussing them – diving deep into the world of the things that make our gears turn, and make us wonder. I’ll be posting the questions we talk about and a brief overview of the discussions we have for anyone who missed it or wants to check in.

One of the many things I love about how Jesus approached those he taught was how deeply he listened and understood people’s questions. He not only heard what was being asked, but the heart and yearning behind the question. Interestingly enough, Jesus’ main way of answering those questions was by telling a story (parable) or by asking a question himself – inviting those he was speaking to look inward, to dig deeper, to search for an answer that may have already be buried within them.

So that’s the journey we’re going to set out on. Let’s ask the big questions. Let’s wrestle with what is on our minds and hearts. Let’s explore where God is taking us in this amazing adventure called Life.


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