Prepare the Way of the Lord #6

February 21, 2016: Prepare the Way of the Lord #6. (download) / PDF

city on a hill 1“The Light of the World! Out Where the People Are” There’s a curious thing about the geography of this story: Jesus was baptized and filled with the Spirit – He came out of the desert with a new focus and new experience of God’s faithfulness – ready to bring the River of Life to the desert, the Kingdom of God to the people. Why did He start in Capernaum, and not Jerusalem? Jesus began His most basic teaching to people who lived under the pressure of a surrounding society that didn’t understand them, and certainly didn’t share their values. So much of the Sermon on the Mount has to do with being God’s real people, a true Light to the Nations, the real City on the Hill. Dial in for Jesus’ encouragement!