Prepare The Way 1

January 3, 2016: Prepare the Way of the Lord #1. (download)/ PDF


Welcome to 2016! Did you think it would ever arrive? It’s a little funny to think about “new year’s resolutions” – why do we need the change of the calendar to make decisions about our lives? On the other hand, whatever helps us do that is probably a good idea, though some might disagree. 😉calvin

Long ago God reached out to His people – when they were in a time of hopelessness – and He gave them a new sense of hope – a new reason to hold on to Him – a new reason to trust and obey. In this series we’ll look not so much at God’s side of the equation – that is, what God does to change things – but instead to “our side of the equation”: what did God tell us to do, in order to become the kind of people that He can work in?

wilderness-of-judeaThe Judean Desert – that’s where John was, calling people back to God again. Pretty bleak, isn’t it! The desert was a dry, barren, hopeless place – but also the place where God’s ancient Israelite people first came to truly know Him. In a place where we don’t know where we’re going, where we don’t know where our food and water are coming from – in a place where we’re not so much in control – that’s where the ancient people met God – and where we meet Him.