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Into the Wind

May 12, 2019 | Into the Wind pt. 1 / PDF

Our new series: "Into the Wind Discipleship." Jesus lived every day "into the wind," into "creative resistance to what everyone expected" about how to treat people. Our stories in Luke 5 show us what that looks like for us as we follow Him into loving people as He does. All discipleship is built on the firm foundation of His friendship, His commitment to us. That's how His ways are written on our hearts. No audio this week, but you can view the PDF.

May 19, 2019 | Into the Wind pt. 2 (download) / PDF

"Into the Wind" #2: Jesus' teaching in Luke 6 helps us sail "into the wind," like He did: doing the unexpected to bring God's unexpected love and grace into people's lives. He wasn't driven helplessly by the wind nor paralyzed by sailing straight into the wind ("stuck in irons") in the culture wars. He shows us how to carry the remarkable creativity of God's generosity for all kinds of people everywhere we go: that's where the real difference is made.

May 26, 2019 | Into the Wind pt. 3 (download) / PDF

In today's "Into the Wind" discipleship story, Jesus speaks directly to the rich ruler, who's trying to dictate discipleship on his own terms, seeking expected rewards, trying to keep control over his life. His money and status keep him from looking for any new possibilities for his life - and that's not going to work. When we follow Jesus into the wind, doing the unexpected with Him, we learn to cultivate the spirit of generosity, as God is generous. That leads us to new, very unexpected places!

June 2, 2019 | Into the Wind pt. 4 (download) / PDF

Today we're in the Gospel of Luke looking at some of Jesus' "hard sayings" in light of how He "sails into the wind," creatively resisting darkness, showing God's generous heart, and how He calls us to do that, too. What does it mean to "disown yourself, take up your cross daily"? To "hate your father and mother ..." and to "sell your possessions and give to the poor"? These things point to God's own heart, to the vision and creativity behind what Jesus said and did - that's why He calls us to do them, too.

June 9, 2019 | Into the Wind pt. 5 (download) / PDF

Today we're learning about following Jesus "into the wind" by reading Luke's scary story of "the rich man and Lazarus." What held the rich guy back from seeing who was right before his eyes? Worse still, what held him back from hearing the clear direction of God's Word, verses that "everyone" knew? We can follow Jesus into the wind by receiving God's blessing, seeing people, loving people. It's exciting!

June 23, 2019 | Into the Wind pt. 6 (download) / PDF

Today we're exploring "following Jesus" as He lives "into the wind," saying and doing unexpected things to show God's love for people. All of Jesus' commands and examples in the middle of the Gospel of Luke demonstrate that same one thing. "Hospitality," Jesus' "welcoming" of people and "being welcomed" by people forms the shape for much of His teaching and example of how to love people the way God does. "We can do this." He can help.

June 30, 2019 | Into the Wind pt. 7 (download) / PDF

What do you see when you see people? Do you see their flaws? What you can get from them? What they owe you? In this episode of "Into the Wind" we read how Jesus teaches us to see people, to see opportunities for God to give and bless, often unexpectedly. "Hospitality," the welcoming of another person into your life, is the sacred place where God's intruding blessing happens. Experiencing and sharing this is what "discipleship" is all about. And, a short story where Kirk almost does the right thing.

July 7, 2019 | Into the Wind pt. 8 (download) / PDF

In the Gospels Jesus talked a lot about following Him "when the lights are going out," in the severe social trauma and change of His time, with even more coming shortly. In this episode we're exploring what Jesus said about following Him when our familiar everyday world is being swept away in trouble. People will be overcome with fear and anxiety and try to solve their problems by following strong leaders to fight their battles, in the face of a trouble that no human can defeat. But Jesus has overcome it all - and by following Him alone we too will defeat it. The idea is to learn this kind of discipleship "before" the troubles come, so that when the waters rise, we're ready.

July 14, 2019 | Into the Wind pt. 9 (download) / PDF

Today we look at following Jesus "unexpectedly," "into the wind," with "the strange word." There were 2 words that were unacceptable in polite Roman society: "cross" and "slave." It's amazing how much Jesus talked about both, and how He Himself embodied the spirit of slavery to serve God and love people. This gets really practical really fast. As we follow Him in "servanthood" the Master's grace and power flows to the lives of many more people, our hearts are changed, and Jesus' ministry continues.

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