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Light From The Beginning

February 25: "Light From The Beginning" - Part 1. (download) / PDF

New series: "Light from the Beginning: Genesis 1 - 11" Someone said, "Religion is invented by the powerful to control the stupid." There's a lot of truth in that! In fact, Genesis (and the rest of the Bible) was written in a time when people had been oppressed by religion for thousands of years. Do the homework, don't just parrot everyone else's opinion. The big deal is how utterly liberating the real God really is. I may never be powerful - but I'm done with being stupid.

March 4, 2018: "Light From The Beginning" - Part 2. (download) / PDF

"The Garden": a powerful story of how God created an "earthling," and helped to "apprentice" the earthling to live and work in the beautiful new world. We can't "get ourselves back to the Garden," sorry. But God hasn't forgotten - something even better is coming to us. These stories don't enslave people: they set people free.

March 11, 2018: "Light From The Beginning" - Part 3. (download) / PDF

Leaving the Garden: what happened?! The serpent's conversation was a masterpiece of disorientation, and God didn't send them out as "punishment" for eating forbidden fruit: they damaged themselves, and God rescued them from something even worse. "By the time I got to Woodstock, it was going up in flames." We can't re-create the Garden - but God will. These stories don't lead us into superstition: they lead us out of it!

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