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December 1, 2019 | Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room: Our New Hope pt. 1 (download) / PDF

This week it's a new series, the prequel for why the birth of Jesus is a big deal. What's worse than being a refugee forced to walk 1000 miles away from your treasured home into exile? Finally walking back home after 70 years only to find that nothing works out the way you were yearning for! Living like an exile in your own homeland! For 600 years the Jewish people held on to hope - "maybe someday God will care." This one's dark. If you've ever felt hopeless, like God's far away, doesn't exist, or just doesn't care, this one might make sense.

December 8, 2019 | Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room: Our New Hope pt. 2 (download) / PDF

Luke 1: "The Day God Shows Up" It had been a long time since anyone heard directly from God - at least, in non-fiction. You can see how it might be hard for people to believe that anything's really changing. The stories of old Zechariah & Elizabeth and young Mary show us the right way to respond when God shows up: and they're the first persons to "prophesy" in a very long time. For us, what does "faith" look like when God actually does what He promises? How do we share in their experience of His faithfulness?

On the Way to the Manger
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On the Way to the Manger

Jesus taught His followers to pray – as part of preparing them to serve in His mission every day. This class is designed to help us pray more,and pray better. We look at Scripture, discuss and work together, and pray together. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a newer Christian, well established, or not even sure that you believe yet.

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