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Into the Wind

May 12, 2019 | Into the Wind pt. 1 / PDF

Our new series: "Into the Wind Discipleship." Jesus lived every day "into the wind," into "creative resistance to what everyone expected" about how to treat people. Our stories in Luke 5 show us what that looks like for us as we follow Him into loving people as He does. All discipleship is built on the firm foundation of His friendship, His commitment to us. That's how His ways are written on our hearts. No audio this week, but you can view the PDF.

May 19, 2019 | Into the Wind pt. 2 (download) / PDF

"Into the Wind" #2: Jesus' teaching in Luke 6 helps us sail "into the wind," like He did: doing the unexpected to bring God's unexpected love and grace into people's lives. He wasn't driven helplessly by the wind nor paralyzed by sailing straight into the wind ("stuck in irons") in the culture wars. He shows us how to carry the remarkable creativity of God's generosity for all kinds of people everywhere we go: that's where the real difference is made.

On the Way to the Manger
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On the Way to the Manger

Jesus taught His followers to pray – as part of preparing them to serve in His mission every day. This 4 session class is designed to help us pray more,and pray better. We look at Scripture, discuss and work together, and pray together. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a newer Christian, well established, or not even sure that you believe yet. Join us Sundays at 9am May 19 - June 9.

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