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God’s Very Own People

August 18, 2019 | God's Very Own People pt. 1 (download) / PDF

New series: "God's Very Own People," following Jesus in a complicated world. Today we're "beginning with the end in mind" as Paul's Letter to Titus helps to "convert our imagination," to guide us into what it takes to be "eager to do what is good." On the island of Crete Titus had a difficult task among difficult people! The guidance Paul gave him long ago speaks to us in our time, too.

August 25, 2019 | God's Very Own People pt. 2 (download) / PDF

Today in "God's Very Own People" we read the Letter to Titus in the context of the society and culture of first-century Crete - it's eye-opening! Being "redeemed" isn't just an abstract religious thing - it's real life change! "Mirror reading" helps us see how God's agenda is building new, sorta countercultural communities of "redeemed" people who are being healed, learning new ways of life, eager to express good/beautiful works for others. That's what can happen here, too.

September 1, 2019 | God's Very Own People pt. 3 (download) / PDF

The ancient gods were all about power for now, to solve our here-and-now problems. God's Very Own People don't live in bondage to "now." Instead, we're set free by God's promises of a whole new world when Jesus returns - so that we can live "reborn" and "renewed" with a converted imagination to see and do good for others - that's one way God brings the promised future into the here-and-now for everyone.

September 8, 2019 | God's Very Own People pt. 4 (download) / PDF

This week in "God's Very Own People" we're reading the Letter to Titus and exploring "conversion": what does it mean to be redeemed from wickedness, re-born, renewed in the Spirit? How did Paul and Titus and the Cretans embrace it? What does it take for us to experience an authentic "conversion"? How does that change how we live among other people?

September 15, 2019 | God's Very Own People pt. 5 (download) / PDF

"God's Very Own People" is the brand-new identity given to the ancient Hebrew slaves rescued by God in the Exodus - it changed them! God rescues us and gives us the same new identity, and it changes us: "Cretans are always ..." changes to "God's Very Own People are always ..." The ancient Hebrews were slaves - people in our time are commodities, caught in a matrix of advertising and propaganda, bought and sold for our money and our political influence. Our new identity in Christ is greater than anything this world can give us or do to us - greater than where we come from, greater than anything we've done or had happen to us. Embracing this is how we are set free to "do what is good/beautiful."

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