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October 6, 2019 | Colossians pt. 1: Thanksgiving - The greening of our hearts (download) / PDF

First in our new series: "Thanksgiving, the Greening of Our Hearts," studies in Paul's letter to the Colossians. Thanksgiving is an orientation of our heart's vision toward what Jesus has done to defeat this world's darkness - a pathway to His "greening" of our hearts. This "greening" sets us free to "bear fruit," to change even in a relatively short time, in ways we never could have imagined - so that our long-term maturing is solid and sure.

October 13, 2019 | Colossians pt. 2: The greening of our hearts (download) / PDF

This week we explore the great gift that we're thankful for - Jesus Christ, the "firstborn, beginning, head, supreme" visible image of the invisible God, etc., who has rescued us from deepest darkness, and brought us into new freedom. He is the very highest - He came here and went to the very lowest place, to face and overcome the worst injustice that this world can do. "Pax Romana," the Roman peace, came from the blood of enemies, the groaning of slaves, the shameful crosses of dissidents, the economy to which people sold their souls - is our time that much different? Our peace comes through Jesus' self-sacrifice, His blood for us - and a whole new way of life.

October 20, 2019 | Colossians pt. 3: Finding Focus (download) / PDF

This week our "Colossians" study turns to "Finding Focus: Getting free and staying free." A little like the ancient Colossians, our consumer society centres our vision at "me and what your product can do for me." Paul's Good News is centred in the true history of God and what God has done for a world that's darkened and alienated: He has reconciled us in Christ. He is not our enemy. Christ's cross and resurrection prove that nothing we do nor anything this world can do to us can stop Him from loving us and welcoming us into the new world. That good news will do wonders for your life!

October 27, 2019 | Colossians pt. 4: Getting Free and Staying Free (download) / PDF

Today in "Getting Free and Staying Free" we're in Colossians looking at Jesus' victory over the powers. The reason we're in trouble is because the whole creation is in trouble: it's governed by rebellion. But Jesus' death and resurrection blew up the rebellion, leading us into true freedom starting now and complete healing, reconciliation, freedom in the new world coming. Our personal forgiveness is part of the much bigger reconciliation God is doing to reach everyone who will listen. That's real mission and meaning for your life.

November 3, 2019 | Colossians pt. 5: Getting Free and Staying Free (download) / PDF

Today in "Colossians: Getting Free and Staying Free" in chapter 2 Paul addresses "habits of the heart" - not just "what we believe," but "how we believe it." What we believe matters! but the powers that enslave us often keep their hold on us through "habits of the heart" that we don't even recognize. There is no neutral ground: no religion, not even secularism, can set us free. Jesus brought us out of slavery - "maturing" is to get the slavery out of us. Only the one who came here from "outside" and blew it all up can help us "set our minds on things above." In him our freedom is found.

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Jesus taught His followers to pray – as part of preparing them to serve in His mission every day. This class is designed to help us pray more,and pray better. We look at Scripture, discuss and work together, and pray together. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a newer Christian, well established, or not even sure that you believe yet.

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