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Acts: The Triumph of the Holy Spirit

Sept. 2 2018 | "Acts: The Triumph of the Holy Spirit" pt. 1 (download) / PDF

Welcome to September, and a new series: "Acts: Triumph of the Holy Spirit." We often think of the success of Acts as if it were mass conversions. But Acts' story is more God's work to reach out to all kinds of new people - and the constant renewing and redirecting of Christians who are paying attention to the Spirit. This year 2004 song by Lifehouse expresses longing for personal change, a hopefulness that pervades Acts' story.

Sept. 16 2018 | "Acts: The Triumph of the Holy Spirit" pt. 2 (download) / PDF

Before Jesus ascended, He told them to "wait" for the Gift He promised. Why wait?! Acts 1 gives us the first of several crucial turning points in the story. Jesus didn't tell them explicitly what to do about everything. Peter and the rest learned how to respond to the Spirit for "the next step." We can, too.

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