Our local leaders

John Clelland

John Clelland john@sbchurch.ca

Garnet Andrews

Garnet & Cindy Andrews garnet@sbchurch.ca

Kirk Ruch

Senior Minister
Kirk & Lori Ruch kr@sbchurch.ca

dove cross colour“Who leads this church?”

Ideally, Christ Himself does, since He is the Head of the Church and His Spirit lives in us. He does this through many different leaders, doing different things. In an important way, every member is a “minister,” because anyone here can serve other people and do what Jesus would do for them.  In our Sunday assemblies – as well as our other activities – many different people take public roles of leading, speaking, helping, serving.

In practical New Testament terms, though, we have 3 groups of leaders:

Elders are mature leaders formally recognized by the church, who care for the spiritual well-being of members of the church.  They provide nurture, support, counsel and prayer, and are generally “shepherds” caring for us.

Deacons are formally recognized leaders who work in specific tasks: Education, taking care of our Sunday Bible classes and other related activities; Facility, caring for our building and grounds; and Finances. Events Coordination and Special Care ministries are delegated to regularly changing teams of members who wish to serve. Assembly Ministry, which plans our Sunday assemblies, is coordinated by one of our elders – a broad range of our members participate in it; Missions is also coordinated by an elder, who keeps us aware of and involved with churches in other countries that we support or are connected with.

Evangelists or ministers are full-time paid workers with the church. They provide teaching and preaching, and help build a “sense of direction.” They have special tasks of helping people become Christians and helping to equip them to serve others.

Many members here serve informally in other activities. We’re grateful for the contributions of many of our people – men, women, and children – who use their talents to help the rest of us serve God, love each other, and reach out to others.  At various times groups of our members have served Sudanese and Swahili-speaking immigrants, Korean and Chinese-speaking immigrants, ministries for young women and newly married couples, many annual short-term mission trips to other countries, and longer-term missions, and other activities.

Each year we have at least one General Meeting, in which all members receive ministry reports, appoint trustees, approve our operating budget, and have the opportunity to express their views and support for various activities and plans up for discussion.